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Lower ranked players have Bank Limits applied to them. This means that you can not deposit over a set amount of money to your Bank. If you try to deposit more than you are allowed to, an error such as this will appear. The Bank Limit was created along with Newb Protection as new players with lower ranks will have a limit on how much they can deposit into their bank. You can find a list of which ranks have limits and how much they are limited below.

Hobo: $75,000

Criminal: $125,000

Homie: $200,000

Thug: $300,000

Gangster +: No limit


Does this affect players with donor ranks? Yes it does. It does not matter what donator rank you have, the limit on how much you can deposit into your bank is all about your in-game GTM rank.

Is there a limit on my Money? No, this only limits the Bank. This means that you will have to spend your money or keep it on your Money, keep in mind that you can lose a portion this money if you get killed.