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  • How do I use World Edit? In order to use World Edit, you first need to obtain an axe. You can obtain one by using the command //wand. After you get an axe, you can select a specific space. The left mouse button is your first selection and the right mouse button is the second and last selection. After you have done that, you will need to use one of the many commands.
  • How can I apply for the build team? If you want to become part of the build team, just apply at the forums but make sure to use the correct format.
  • How do I get more World Edit commands? In order to get access to more World Edit commands, you will have to buy a rank on our store.
  • Who are the Build Team leaders? JJrocks2001 and SkylixMC are in charge of the build team.
  • How do I automatically claim a plot? If you want to just claim a random plot, you will have to use the command /p auto.
  • How do I trust someone on my plot? In order to trust someone to your plot, you will have to type /p trust (name).
  • How do I remove someone from my plot? In order to remove someone from your plot, you will have to type /p remove (name).
  • How do I merge my plots? If you want to merge two or more plots together, you just use the command /p merge while looking towards the second plot to merge them together.
  • How can I teleport to my own plot? You can teleport to your own plot using either /p tp, /p h(ome), or /p v(isit).