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  • How do you use a Jetpack? To use your jetpack, double tap the space key and fly like you would in creative. Make sure you have jetpack fuel and you are either ranked Sponsor+ or Mobster+.
  • Where/How can I buy a house? In order to buy a house, first find a house of your choice anywhere in the warzone. Most non-premium houses can be found in buildings. Simply right-click the house doors (It is usually an iron door,) in order to open a GUI where the house can be bought.
  • How do I add someone to my house? You can only add people to premium houses. To add someone to your premium house, right-click the door and a GUI will open. Inside that GUI, right-click the tripwire and then right-click the slimeball near the bottom of the GUI. Type the person's username you want to add in chat and they will be added.
  • How do I create a gang? To create a gang, you need to type /g create (name). To create a gang, you will need Gangster+ or Premium+ and it will cost $500,000 to create it. To invite someone to your gang, do /g invite (name). If you are in the same gang as someone, you cannot kill each other.
  • What are tokens, and what can I do with them? Tokens are an in-game currency which can be obtained by voting or by opening crates at spawn. You can also purchase them on our store. With tokens, you can purchase different types of items in the Tokenshop. To open the Tokenshop, you need to use the command /tokenshop.
  • How do I make money? You can make money by selling your items at the trashcan located at spawn near the weapons shop. The trashcan appears like a dispenser and has an iron trap door above it. Simply right-click it and place all the items you wish to sell in it.
  • How do I rankup? To rank up, use the command /rankup followed by /rankup confirm. For a list of all ranks and their benefits, right-click your Phone, then click on My Account, and finally click on Ranks or do /ranks (/Ranks will only show what guns are unlocked and the prices of each rank).
  • How do I use my car? To use your car, first spawn your car in. You can achieve this by going into your Phone, then clicking on Property, then clicking on Vehicles, and then selecting the vehicle you wish to drive. Once your vehicle is there, simply go to the same location using your phone and then right clicking to enter the ender pearl (you will have to be next to a road and your vehicle will take 5 seconds to spawn in,) Cars and tanks are driven using WASD (W to move forward, A to turn left, D to turn right and S to go backward), Helicopters are driven by using W to move forward, D to go up, A to go down and S to go backward. To turn, use your mouse. Hydras are driven by using W to speed up and S to slow down if already moving forward. If not, you will go backward. To turn around or go up or down, use your mouse.
  • What are permits? Permits are the in-game currency used to buy premium houses. You may obtain them by buying them on our store. You can also buy them using tokens in /tokenshop.
  • How do I get into the warzone? If you want to fight, type the command /warp to get warped to a random location. If you want to go to a specific location, go to your Phone, then click on Contacts. After that, click on Taxi Service, then Warps, and finally click on the warp you would like to go to. You can also choose a place where you want to warp by talking to the Gerald Hackney NPC located at spawn.
  • How do I become a cop? In order to become a cop, you need to visit the police station at spawn. Simply right-click the cop NPC to switch to Cop Mode. Please note that you need to be ranked Gangster+ or Premium+ in order to become a cop.
  • How do I become a hitman? Hitman mode is useful for claiming bounties. You can switch to the hitman mode by right-clicking the hitman NPC located near the food shop at spawn. Please note that you need to be ranked Hunter+ or Sponsor+ in order to become a Hitman.
  • What are crowbars? You can get crowbars by voting for the server using /vote. You can also get crowbars from buying them at our store.
  • How do I warp to my house? If you want to warp to your house, just go to your phone, click on Contacts, click on Taxi Service, click on Houses, and then click on the house you would like to go to.