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Heads are Skulls that drop by chance when a player is killed in the warzone. Each weapon gives an equal chance of a head dropping. Previously, the katana weapon gave a significant chance of giving decapitated heads but that has been removed. You can read more about katanas here. Decapitated heads still exist but can not be created any more because the katana currently gives the same rate of heads dropping as other weapons. Before when katanas gave a significantly greater chance of dropping decapitated heads, they were worth less than normal heads that were not decapitated. Now since katanas no longer drop decapitated heads, the value of decapitated heads has increased as there is no longer a supply of them.


A head says to "Sell me in the sewers". Where is this and how do I do this? The sewers was an underground area in the spawn where heads could be sold, the sewers no longer exist. The heads that were obtained before the sewer was removed will say this. Now, you can sell your heads at the Head Seller who is located left of the casino.

How much do heads sell for? You get $10,000 for putting the heads up to the Head Seller immediately. Any player can bid on the head for more than $10,000 and you can get the additional money. Basically, each head is worth at least $10,000.

How long are heads up on the Head Seller? Heads are up on the Head Seller for 24 hours.

I'm at the Head Seller, how do I sell this head? Hold the head in your hand, then right click the Head Seller, then click confirm to put it up for auction. After clicking confirm, $10,000 should have gone directly to you.

I put up a head, why did I not get the $10,000? The $10,000 goes directly to your Bank, not your Money, so you may have not noticed the extra money.

What if I want to just keep the head and not auction it out? Many players keep heads just as 'trophies' and this is a common practice.

Is there any other way of selling heads? You can sell heads directly to other players instead of auctioning it out.

How do I know how much this head is worth? You could just put it up on the auction to see how much other players will bid for it. Generally, Ex-Staff, Staff, Builder Team, and more 'well-known' player's heads sell for more. You can see our current staff team here.

I am requesting for my own custom house. Can I get heads in my house and if so, who's? Yes, when you create your Custom House ticket, you should include it in the section where you can request any details to your house. The forums post regarding Custom Houses explains everything about it. You can read more about tickets and the different types of them here.

How do I bid on a head at the Head Seller? Right click the Head Seller, then click on which head you want to bid on. After that, type in how much money you want to bid on the head. Be sure to withdraw the money from your Bank to your Money or else it will tell you that you do not have enough money to bid on the head. Your bid has to be at least 5% more than the previous bid, and you can not bid less than the previous bid. If you clicked on a head and you don't want to bid on it, type "quit" in chat.

How can I check on how much someone has bid on the head I put up and check how much longer the head has on the Head Seller? Go to the Head Seller and right click him, if you hover over the head, it tells you the current bid on it, the name of the Head, the seller, and the time remaining it has.