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The Wiki team was officially created by Cruee who is a manager on the Grand Theft Minecart network. Cruee made sure the Wiki was actually going to become reality, so he started forming a small Wiki team who would be helping him out with writing everything, spellchecking everything, etc. The Wiki is / was an insanely big project for the GTM staff team, so it was for sure going to take a really long time to finish. After the Wiki team was formed, they finally got to actually working on it. The Wiki was going great and the progress per day was immense. Unfortunately, Cruee did not have enough time to spend on the Wiki due to specific reasons. This was the reason the Wiki team kind of stopped working on the Wiki. A couple of months later, two Wiki team members, Nassim and DieHeldernaar, took over leadership of the Wiki. This meant that the Wiki project could continue. With an amazing team of 5 staff members, we had finished this big project.

Wiki Team Director(s)

Wiki Team Directors are in charge of the entire Wiki and it's team. They add things that have been missed in the Wiki, and also spellcheck and update the Wiki. But their main focus is to manage the Wiki team and the Wiki itself.

Name: JustNassim
Wiki Rank: Administrator
Languages: English & Dutch
GTM Rank: Admin
Discord: Nassim#1432

Wiki Team Member(s)

Wiki Team Members are the group of people that focus on updating the Wiki, spell checking everything, and checking if anything has been missed so it can be added to the Wiki.

Name: DieHeldernaar
Wiki Rank: Administrator
Languages: English & Dutch
GTM Rank: Admin
Discord: DieHeldernaar#5784

Name: HunterAura312
Wiki Rank: Moderator
Languages: English
GTM Rank: Senior Moderator
Discord: Hunter#5390